Halftime Heat

Well, that game sucked even more than I thought possible. It was as dispiriting a treatise on existential futility as I can recall, the food was good and the beer got me drunk, so I had fun. Good thing my cooking projects turned out, although I’m never making a whole freaking porchetta for just two people ever again. Also, there was this:

Aleister Black, Ricochet, & Velveteen Dream vs. Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, & Tommaso Ciampa – Like, holy shit everybody. When this match was first announced, I thought it was a pretty transparent attempt to have the best match possible that would carry the fewest storyline implications. Such is the glory of six-man tag matches, quite possibly the most underappreciated match type in pro wrestling. With that many wrestlers in the match, there are a ton of ways to pair everyone off, play their histories off of each other, and do all sorts of crazy, multi-man spots. This match contained all of these things, and while I expected it to be all action, I was still floored. Everything that happened in this match was cool, even the (very brief) resting parts – at one point, Ciampa had Velveteen Dream in a headlock, but they didn’t just lay around on the mat for a while. Dream was fighting to get out and Ciampa was trying to cinch it in harder as a result. This is what separates the truly great matches from the merely very good ones. In a great match, everything is either part of the story or a mini-story in and of itself. Everything about this match ruled, and I hope it shows everyone why six-man tags are dope as fuck. *****

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