Programming Notes – 5/16/19

Real quick, I want to give all six of you, my readers, a heads up on this – Part One of my series on Alignments went up Wednesday, and at the end I said Part Two, which I said would cover all nine alignments in detail, would be up Friday. Part Two will still be up Friday, however, in an entirely foreseeable turn of events, trying to cram breakdowns of all nine alignments into a single post quickly proved to be a terrible idea, so I’m splitting it into three separate articles.

Part Two will still go up tomorrow, however, it will only cover the three ‘Good’ alignments. Parts Three and Four will be about the Neutral and Evil alignments, respectively. Both will go up next week; I have every intention of posting Part Three Tuesday and Part Four next Thursday, but…

…apparently Money in the Bank is this weekend? I may or may not be watching and reviewing it, and if I do, there’s a good chance it’ll bump the Alignment series back a day or two. Even if I don’t, I’m well overdue for a post about wrestling. A lot of shit has happened in the wrestling world since Wrestlemania, and I have a lot of thoughts on all of it that I’ve kept to myself. So even if I don’t do a Money in the Bank review, I may crank out something else wrestling-related early next week.

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