Why Do I Suck At Cybernator?

Cybernator is a game for Super Nintendo. You play as a giant mech suit., and you shoot at things and blow them up. It’s a damn fun game, having been made by Konami in the early 90s, when they were untouchable, but it’s also really, really dang hard. For starters, the controls come with a learning curve. At first, it looks for all the world like a normal 2D platformer, however, the D-Pad pulls double duty, as it is responsible not only for movement, but aiming. You can aim your weapons just about everywhere except directly beneath yourself. If you hold the L button, your aim becomes fixed, allowing you to move without altering your aim. Also, in levels in which your mech is in space, you can drift freely, in all directions. It’s goofy, but makes sense once you get the hang of it.

Cybernator is also unforgiving as all hell. You only have one life and you only have three continues. There is no battery save system and no passwords. When you die (and you will die, repeatedly), the consequences are harsh as all hell. As such, few have made it any distance into the game. However, earlier this week I made it to level 3 for the very first time, which, as far as I’m concerned, makes me a certified Cybernator expert. Here are a couple of tips for the aspiring Cybernator player:

  • Explore the entire level. The levels in Cybernator are generally linear, but they’re also expansive, meaning there’s plenty of poking around to do. Take the time to do this poking around right. You’ll need all those powerups.

  • Be deliberate. Cybernator rewards careful, deliberate play, and severely punishes twitchy play and all other attempts to plow through as quickly as possible. Go slow and keep a look out for enemies so you can get a jump on them before they get a jump on you.

  • Learn when you should and should not lock your aim. There’s no quicker way to lose your shit in Cybernator then panicking and losing track of where your gun is pointed. Lock that shit down, particularly against bosses. Using free aim is preferable for taking out lesser enemies.

Got it? Cool, I’m therefore gonna celebrate Cybernator by getting baked and playing Baldur’s Gate. Happy Friday!

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