Behold! 19 Hits the Dragon!

Open the Eleventh Seal! The Epoch of Orcus is at hand!

By this, I of course mean welcome to the launch of 19 Hits the Dragon, a new tabletop gaming podcast featuring me. Rob Mackie, and my good friend Mike Daniel!

There’s some good old fashioned breeze shooting to start off, and here, we must issue a correction. Mike and I discussed the game Cyberpunk Red without giving due credit to its creator, Mike Pondsmith. Mike Pondsmith is a living legend of the tabletop RPG world, and he deserves all the shine. On behalf of Mike and myself, we would like to apologize for this research failure. This was the first episode we recorded, and we didn’t think to look it up at the time. We promise to do better.

The bulk of our first episode, however, is a discussion about how to get started as a new player in Dungeons & Dragons,Fifth Edition. What class do you wanna be? How does playing the game actually work? How should you comport yourself at the gaming table? Should you be a dick? (The answer there is decidedly, no. Don’t be a dick!)

If you want to contact us, you can find us on Twitter (@19hitsthedragon) or drop us an email (

Check it out here*! Tell your friends! Remember to like, rate, and subscribe!

*As of this writing, Mike and I are working on uploading the podcast to additional platforms. This post will be updated as those uploads occur, so you can listen on your platform of choice.



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