19 Hits the Dragon, Episode 5: To Flank Or Not to Flank?

19 Hits the Dragon is back to bring you the second part of our two-part combat series!

Part one was dedicated to staying organized before combat begins, that you are set up for success once the dice start falling. Part two expands on this, as Mike and Rob delve into what to do once combat begins to make it an interesting and immersive extension of the roleplaying experience, and not a dull exercise in things hitting other things until some of those things are dead.

The question of how to do this is examined largely through examining the teachings of tactics guru Keith Ammann, author of the essential blog The Monsters Know What They’re Doing (www.themonstersknow.com), which he has spun off into books on the subject. Check his stuff out; Keith is a great writer who knows what he’s talking about, and does a great job of breaking his considerations down, so that they make sense to everybody. It’s a revelation! Also, Mike and Rob get into a civil, reasonable, and spirited debate about flanking rules. Dissent and discord! Similar premises leading to separate conclusions!

All this and more in Episode 5 of 19 Hits the Dragon! Check it out here! Tell your friends! And remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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