19 Hits the Dragon, Episode 9: Not Sponsored by Stardust; or, Mike and Rob’s Favorite Spells, Part 2

19 Hits the Dragon is back for a further look at Mike and Rob’s favorite D&D spells! Last episode was all about combat spells, giving our intrepid co-hosts the chance to spread their wings and soar as majestic, contrarian hipster eagles who don’t care for Magic Missile.

But this episode is all about all those other weird spells. These spells don’t pop off of the page as effective murder hobo implements; rather, these are the kinds of spells guaranteed to make your D&D game weirder and therefore, better. These are spells that read minds and animate trees and transport parties across vast distances in the blink of an eye; they also give Mike and Rob reminders of a certain Claire Danes film from times of yore.

Also, there’s an innocent discussion of the spell Identify that will send our heroes down a dark and strange path in the coming episodes…

All this and more in Episode 9 of 19 Hits the Dragon! Check it out here! Tell your friends! And remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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