19 Hits the Dragon, Episode 12: Is The Matrix Cyberpunk?; or, An Introduction to Cyberpunk Red, Part 1

It’s a very special episode of 19 Hits the Dragon!

For the very first time in the show’s extensive and prestigious history, Mike and Rob are venturing all the way out of the high fantasy adventure gaming space and dive headlong into the world of Cyberpunk Red! It is a distant, bleak, dystopian future, where a small cabal of hyper-wealthy elites exerts pulls the strings of society at every level, while the rest are left to scrounge to survive. Boy, aren’t we all happy that doesn’t remind us of any current prevailing conditions, am I right?

Anyway, this episode is the first part of a three part examination of Cyberpunk Red, as Mike and Rob share their first impressions of the system, take a look at the major Roles and talk about how they work, and talk about what characterizes Cyberpunk as a genre, and how the game’s setting and rules reflect those characteristics. On a related note, go read Neuromancer already!

All this and more in Episode 12 of 19 Hits the Dragon! Check it out here! Tell your friends! And remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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