Programming Notes 7.20.21

Hey everybody!

It’s been quiet here the past few weeks. Everything is fine, but real life has gotten in the way of my blogging schedule. I’ve had family stuff and household stuff to manage, and I also needed a bit of a mental health break anyway, so I haven’t been writing a ton.

While I hope to have a new post later this week, I’m also devoting most of my energy towards gearing up for August, when I’ll be presenting my second annual NFL season preview! I’m super excited for that, but putting it together is work, and so most of my mental energy has gone into preparing for that.

Unlike last season, when I rolled out my season preview at great expense, and at the last minute, I’ll be spreading each installment of the preview across the entire month of August. Once I’ve finalized the schedule, I put it up here, so check back for more updates! And again, expect a real post towards the end of the week! Later!

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