Rob’s NFL Confidence Pool: Week 5, 2021 Season

Important announcement!

As I adjust to my new life of stay-at-home fatherhood, it has become clear that I have neither the time nor the energy to do both normal, full-length Confidence Pool column and my normal, full-length Great British Baking Show column at this time. I must choose between the two, and I’ve chosen to prioritize the GBBS column.

I will still have a weekly Confidence Pool post, however, starting this week this post will consists of picks, point assignments, and personal stat tracking only. I hope to resume writing full Confidence Pool columns once GBBS season ends. While it’s not impossible that I’ll find a way to carve more writing time out of my schedule as I get more and more used to being a dad, I think it’s unlikely I’ll find time to do both columns in full each week.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and supporting the Confidence Pool column! I appreciate all of you, and all of your support. Keep checking back each week; I’ll have picks and points for now, and I’ll be back to get snarky and dismissive right as the playoff race is heating up.

Week 4 Correct Picks: 9/16

Season Total Correct Picks: 35/64

Week 4 Points: 86/136

Season Total Points: 314/544

16 Points: Buccaneers over Dolphins

15 Points: Ravens over Colts

14 Points: Packers over Bengals

13 Points: Cowboys over Giants

12 Points: Cardinals over 49ers

11 Points: Rams over Seahawks

10 Points: Browns over Chargers

9 Points: Bills over Chiefs

8 Points: Panthers over Eagles

7 Points: Steelers over Broncos

6 Points: Patriots over Texans

5 Points: Vikings over Lions

4 Points: Titans over Jaguars

3 Points: Raiders over Bears

2 Points: Saints over Football Team

1 Point: Falcons* over Jets

*Denotes London Game

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