Rob Writes About Whatever: An Introduction

Hi Everybody!

I’m Rob, and this is my blog about whatever.

In this blog, nothing is considered off topic, however, expect most posts to be about music, sports, food/cooking, old video games, tabletop games, etc.

Updates will be sporadic for the foreseeable future while I work on getting the site together and get back into the habit of writing. If you poke around, you will probably notice that this site is very much still under construction – I took the plunge of starting this blog on a whim, without reserving the mental bandwidth for making any stylistic or formatting decisions. I promise I will slowly but surely get everything here more put-together-looking.

Expect a mix of pithy, tossed-off ramblings and longer, more carefully constructed essays. Really, my ultimate goal in starting the blog is forcing myself to write regularly, and this means that I reserve the right to use this space to experiment with form/content/etc. Not every post I make here is gonna be a winner, is what I’m saying.

And, of course, please send me your comments! It’s important to me that there is dialogue here. I can’t promise that I will respond thoughtfully (or at all) to every comment I receive, but I will do my best to respond to interesting, considered thoughts.

See you around!

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