Unrelated Thoughts on Moving

My wife and I moved to Raleigh, NC this past weekend – this has been the cause of my radio silence the past two weeks. Thanksgiving went right into packing, which in turn went right into moving. Now we’re here at our new apartment, there’s internet, and we’re unpacked enough that I have the mental bandwidth necessary to resume making some dumb-dumb scribbles.

-If you’re moving, get a wand of cling wrap. We got a wand of cling wrap for packing purposes, and it was the undisputed MVP of packing. Not only did it hold together random bundles of otherwise unmanageable tiny and oddly-shaped things (paintbrushes, electrical cords, pends and pencils, etc.), it was also good for wrapping up picture frames, oscillating fans, and other stuff that’s fragile, but not so fragile it absolutely had to be bubble wrapped. Its assistance was invaluable.

-Let us have a moment of silence for our bottle of dry vermouth, which did not survive the move.

I mean, it’s not like we had any gin lying around anyway, so it’s not a huge loss, but still.

-Clean your fridge regularly. Regardless of whether you’re moving soon or not, you need to clean your dang fridge. It’s disgusting and could use a wipe down. Moving is a mentally taxing enterprise. The amount of tasks that need to be done seemingly increases as tasks are completed. You keep peeling back layers of calcified junk that needs to be packed up, swept up, and cleaned up, and it doesn’t actually end until you run out of time to do it. The last day in our old apartment, just as we thought we had finished everything up, I cracked the fridge open and witnesses a nightmare of cherry juice stains and cheesy grease streaks and piles upon piles of espresso grounds lining every surface in the dang thing, and the revelation of yet another dang thing that absolutely had to get taken care of before we left damn near broke me, Be smarter than me. Clean your damn fridge. You’re gonna have to eventually, so best to stay on top of it.

-Leave as early as you can on move-out day. We shoved off from Chicago at exactly 5:30 AM. There was still traffic, but it wasn’t as bad as it would have been even two hours later. Now, perhaps you are not the sort of get-it-done-as-early-as-possible olds that my wife and I are, but the point remains – push yourself to get moving early. Even if you’re moving to a different place in the same town, I advise getting cracking as soon as you can. You’ll be done sooner, and that’s what matters most.

-Finally, and most importantly, celebrate getting settled in your new place by drinking a bottle of champagne in bed. Because you’re worth it 😉

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