Grab Bag

So uh, yeah, I was out of commission most of this week with all the holiday and family stuff. As a result, this post has no point in particular, but contains a desultory collection of thoughts that I’m writing down solely to get some more writing practice in. Enjoy, or don’t.

-I’m not sure how I feel about super long board games any more. Over the weekend, I played a game called Scythe. Scythe is a generally ludicrous game – it’s set in the 1920s, but for some reason there are giant mechs? Uh yeah, sure, whatever. On top of that, it has way too many dang rules, multiple boards that are inscrutable as all hell, and like, 63 different types of pieces. Back in the day, I was all about this shit. I loved the long-ass board games with too many pieces that were inscrutable as fuck. I think it goes back to when I was a kid, since in those days it seemed like there were a bunch of games fir kids that had these huge, elaborate, and cool as hell boards, stuff like Forbidden Bridge and 13 Dead End Drive, etc.

My point is that shortly into my adult life, I discovered the ridiculous board games of today. Settlers of Catan was my gateway drug, before discovering Axis & Allies, Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Imperium, etc. I played the shit out of those games, and enjoyed myself while doing so. But nowadays, I find that playing the really long games gets under my skin. There are too many rules! What am I supposed to do with all these rules? How am I supposed to have any idea whatsoever as to what I should be doing and how I’m supposed to be doing it?

Anyway, I spend the next three to four hours asking myself those (and similar) questions, and get myself all worked up about how stupid I must be, not knowing what I should be doing and such, and how everyone else is playing can tell, and how they all think I’m stupid, and then all of a sudden it’s like I’m back in high school, trying to impress everyone constantly to feed my own insecurities, but I can’t impress anyone because they all think I’m stupid and kind of a dick, and maybe I am stupid and kind of a dick, but maybe I’d be less of a dick if people stopped thinking I was stupid, and the next thing you know I’m engaged in full-on psychic warfare with a host of unseen tormentors that exist only in my head, and there’s still two hours game left to play. Also, I’m being kind of a dick.

So yeah, not sure about the long board games anymore. Play Scythe if that sounds like your thing, just make sure that you and everyone else who’s playing is in a good place before starting.

-Don’t try to eat cheesesteaks in the car. They’re too messy! You will spill chopped steak all over the place, and your hands will be soaked in grease.’

-The Vikings play the Bears on Sunday, and if they win, they’re in the playoffs. This is gonna suck, and I am not looking forward to being in a constant state of day drunk emotional wreckage for three hours. The good news is the game is in Minneapolis – the recent history of the Vikings/Bears rivalry is the history of the home split itself. The Bears win in Chicago and the Vikings win in Minneapolis, and it doesn’t matter terribly if one team is significantly better than the other. The bad news is, even if the Vikings win, they will almost certainly have to play the Bears in Chicago the next week in the Wild Card round. Hooray?

-Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano, Steel Cage Match (NXT 12/19/2018): ****

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