Comparative Travel Toothpaste

Here’s a travel tip for the insane – the next time you need to buy a tube of travel toothpaste, grab the next available flight to the UK and buy it there. A standard-issue US tube of travel toothpaste contains 0.88 fluid ounces of toothpaste, well under the 3 fluid ounce limit for liquids (which apparently toothpaste technically is, although I don’t know where the people who make these decisions get off making sweeping metaphysical statements about a substance that is clearly not fully liquid and not fully solid), established by the TSA.

But, should you cross the Atlantic and purchase travel toothpaste, you will find the volume of the tube to be 75 milliliters, or (approximately) 2.54 fluid ounces. That’s way more toothpaste! What the hell?

If you have any insight into why travel toothpaste tubes are larger in the UK than in the US, please let me know in the comments. NO seriously, I mean that, this shit is baffling.

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