19 Hits the Dragon, Episode 3: Homebrewing; or, Cracking Open a Brewski

19 Hits the Dragon returns! In Episode 3 of 19 Hits the Dragon follows up on Episode 2’s advice for Game Masters with a discussion homebrewing, the art and science of creating your own adventures, campaigns and player options.

Homebrewing is a noble pursuit – every Game Master wants to run the campaign of their dreams – but it is also a fraught one. Game Mastering is always work, so how can you give yourself even more things to do as a GM without driving yourself crazy? Fortunately, Mike and Rob are here to ease this burden and help ensure that you aren’t constantly scrambling to figure out your entire adventure to the last detail, and hopefully save you from utter madness.

All this and more in Episode 3 of 19 Hits the Dragon! Check it out here! Tell your friends! And remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

Contact us on Twitter @19hitsthedragon, or email us at 19hitsthedragon@gmail.com.

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